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Portable Parenting

About Portable Parenting

In our modern-day busy world, parents are continuously searching for more productive ways to effectively balance all aspects of their life — family, work, home, children, pets, school, sports, etc. It can be challenging when continuously on the go and a consistent portable parenting plan is the key to instilling good choices and building good habits. The Portable Parenting products make parenting easier and allow for that consistency anytime, anywhere. It includes the Take-Out-Time-Out mat, Star Stash reward system and Portable Parenting Mobile App. These Portable Parenting Products are a must for the modern day parent on the go.

The Portable Parenting Package teaches:
  • Manners & Values
  • How to think before acting/reacting
  • Acceptable social behavior
  • Builds self esteem and responsibility through Earning Rewards
  • Good choices and habits
  • Teaches Counting

The incredible years we have with our children are so precious, but fly by. Don’t let the time escape… We have one chance to be the best parents we can be and the Portable Parenting Products are key. Most importantly, we are our child’s biggest role models. If we remain prepared, positive and consistent, our children will follow.

I call the boundaries “love walls” and being a consistent positive parent takes strength, patience and lots of love. Parenting life would be a breeze with out having to build and maintain the love walls… It is so easy to say “yes” and so much harder to say “no” and struggle through the disappointment. Since our primary job as a parent is to prepare our child for the real world… disappointment and needing and to cope is inevitable. Remember, we are parents for life and long-term satisfaction is the goal.

Keep those love walls up! Hard work always pays off!

Lisa Carvajal

TOTO Product, LLC is an independent company started in 2002, specializing in the development of positive child behavior/time management resources.

Founder & CEO — Lisa Bogart Carvajal
Lisa Bogart Carvajal has a BA in English/Early Childhood Education and has worked with children for over 25 years. Known as a Parenting Expert, she has a weekly NBC “Super Mom” television segment where she provides parenting advice and tips. As she says, “Every MOM is a SUPER MOM! We have one chance to be the best Parent we can be, while enjoying every blessed moment we have with our children. They are our beautiful future!”

To see all of our videos, check out our YouTube Channel!
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Portable Parenting Mobile App

A Parenting Coach in your Pocket.

The Portable Parenting App includes the award winning and celebrity endorsed products:

  • Take Out Time Out

    Portable time out system that guides both child and adult with voice and text prompts to ensure a positive learning experience. Records the date and “reason for time out”.

  • Star Stash Reward System

    It allows for immediate star rewards and redemptions. Records date and what child earns and redeems. Comes with a contract.

  • Brand New Parenting Bank

    keeps track of a child’s money. Child names his/her personal bank. Records activity for deposits and spending.

The Portable Parenting App is like having a Parenting Coach on hand at all times. It allows for parents, caretakers and teachers to have an immediate, consistent plan to teach children how to make good choices and build good habits.

The App guides both child and adult through a positive learning experience which develops a strong positive child-adult bond. It has the ability to program up to 4 children (Add your spouse too!) with daily, weekly and monthly reports for each child.

Available Now in the App Store.
Coming Soon to Android.

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Take Out Time Out

The Portable Time Out Mat

  • Teaches Children to Think Before Acting/Reacting

    learning how to take a minute to make good choices.

  • Teaches Acceptable Social Behavior

    Instills manners and values anytime, anywhere.

  • Provides a Parenting Plan

    allowing the adult to remain calm, cool and collected.

  • Teaches Sharing

    When children fight over a toy, place toy on Take Out Time Out until they agree to share.

Take Out Time OutTake Out Time Out
Buy Take Out Time Out Now!

Take-Out-Time-Out fits into any purse, bag or pocket. It is durable and waterproof (provides a clean dry spot) and flexible (place anywhere- stair, chair, car seat, shopping cart, etc.). It comes with a small tote for carrying. Both the mat and tote are machine washable.

Consistency is Key!

  • Best Products Winner
  • iParenting Winner
  • iParenting Hot Winner
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Star Stash Rewards

The Portable Rewards System

  • Positively Reinforces Good Behavior

    Helps improve and maintain children’s manners, respect, chores, grades, potty training, etc.

  • Encourages Responsibility and build Self-esteem

    Teaches children the value of money, how to earn, and how to save.

  • Teaches Counting Basics

    Counting in increments of ten.

  • Provides a parenting plan

    Allows the adult to consistent teach and reward children.

Star Stash Rewards SystemStar Stash Rewards System
Buy Star Stash Rewards Now!

The Star Stash rewards system includes a Star Stash case for child to carry rewarded stars. It can fit into a child’s pocket, attach to a bag cor can be worn around the neck or shoulder. Small drawstring tote is provided for adults to carry stars making it easy to use anytime, anywhere. Contract available for download below.

Consistency is Key!

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